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Computer & Laptop Repair Frequently Asked Questions

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What do Viruses, Trojans, and Other Malware Actually Do?

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How Do I Keep My Laptop's

Battery In Good Health?

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Do I Really Need to "Eject" USB Drives?

Our engineers perform a complimentary in-house diagnostic of your PC or laptop to determine what’s wrong with it. You’ll need to leave your device with us while this assessment is being conducted. We’ll typically contact you within a couple of hours to give you intelligent feedback on the state of your machine, along with a price quote for its repair. Nothing gets done to your computer without your approval. When making recommendations on repairs, we take into consideration the age of the device and its residual value. Under no circumstances will we have you throw good money at bad. And if you decide that you don’t want to repair your computer, you can come and pick it up – No charge!

It takes hours of meticulous work by a trained technician to run data scans, test the health of a computer’s hard drive and surgically repair whatever damage has been done to data structures as a result of malware infiltration. It would be cost prohibitive to pay an hourly rate to keep an engineer at a client’s home while this work is being performed. To this end, virus scans and cleans are performed in-house at our Mesa location, however, equipment pick ups from a client’s home or business can be arranged, for a nominal fee.

All machines coming into our facility are treated as a “high priority,” with an average turnaround time of between 24-48 hours for virus removal and longer if hardware issues are diagnosed and proprietary parts must be ordered.  Once the work is completed, we’ll contact you to schedule a demo of your repaired machine at our office , at which time we’ll answer any questions you may have. Pick up times are flexible, and we offer evening and weekend drop offs and pick ups.

Anytime you backup data to an external device such as a flash drive or external hard drive, you could be copying over malicious software from an infected computer. We recommend bringing us your backup device(s) when you stop in to have your PC or laptop serviced for viruses, so we can scan it for the presence of malware and remove it. This ensures there’s no embedded malicious software on your backed up data that can get reintroduced into your machine once you reconnect it to your computer.

Once malware invades the computer’s hard drive, it manipulates the machine and consumes resources that slow it down. More and more viruses are the handywork of remote criminal entities attempting to access information on a user’s web surfing habits and stored personal data such as passwords.  Today’s sophisticated malware is capable of corrupting not only software structures such as a computer’s operating system, but causing damage to a computer’s hardware, such as cooling fans and motherboards, if left unchecked.

As part of our initial free assessment, we’ll conclusively determine if the machine is worth repairing or replacing with a newer model. We’ll take into consideration your budget and personal requirements for a device.

While having redundant copies of data is always advantageous, we highly recommend storing particularly sensitive information on your own physical server platform at your business facility. This ensures maximum security and restorability of critical documents. This analysis is based on our own personal experiences with business clients over many years.

It’s always best to run the machine on AC power in order to optimize device functionality. Battery power should only be used when portability or the lack of a power source exists.

The consequence of not having an adequate plan for this essential functionality could be catastrophic for business clients who rely on their technology platform for daily operations. We have personally experienced clients who’ve made this costly miscalculation. By being proactive you can avoid making this regrettable mistake.

We’re still contemplating how humankind fits into the universal scheme of things, however, we can tell you that for us, our goal each day is to make the world of computing a little easier for our customers to understand. Addressing your technology needs is what brings satisfaction and meaning to our lives.

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