Choosing Between a Laptop, Desktop or Tablet

Choosing Between a Laptop, Desktop or Tablet

Laptop, Desktop or Tablet: Which is the Right Option for You?

pc, laptop, and tablet devicesSince 2011, mobile Internet usage has soared to the point where more people use a mobile device to access the Internet than a PC or laptop. From December 2010 to December 2014, smartphone usage was up 394 percent while tablet usage was up an astounding 1,721 percent. This has led some to conclude that desktops and laptops are dead, but is this really the case?

Not so, according to a survey undertaken by SHI, a global information technology (IT) services provider. In it, over 3-hundred IT professionals with decision-making responsibilities within an organization were surveyed, and while 99 percent of them said they were looking to replace at least one computer within the next year, 82 percent said existing desktops and laptops would be replaced by desktops and laptops, not tablets.

With this interesting information at hand, we decided to compare the pros and cons of laptops, desktops, and tablets to see which came out on top.


laptop fixedThe modern laptop computer is significantly smaller than it was even a few years ago; it is now possible to purchase lightweight laptops that are around the same size as a book! A typical laptop is comprised of two parts: the screen (there are now touchscreen versions on the market), and the hardware, which includes the keyboard, CPU, and HDD.

The average laptop will also have a CD/DVD player, microphone, and built-in camera. Although there is a touchpad, many users prefer the comfort of a mouse, which can be purchased separately.


  • Portability is a major advantage; the diminutive size of modern laptops only enhances this benefit. Additionally, you can connect them to Wi-Fi hotspots, which are increasingly abundant.
  • If you invest in a high-end laptop, you can get a gaming experience similar to that offered by a desktop.
  • Laptops are becoming increasingly affordable.


  • If you are out and about, you are relying on the laptop’s limited battery power (usually two hours on average), before needing to recharge it with an AC plug.
  • There are limitations on hardware upgrades since a laptop’s architecture is more fixed than that of a PC.


desktop computer repairs in MesaDesktops are substantially bigger and heavier than laptops, and usually include a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and case. Desktops are the classic computer setup, and despite so-called conventional wisdom, they are still extremely popular. It is possible to incorporate the mouse into the keyboard, or you can purchase a desktop with a touchscreen. As a result, you no longer need to worry about the hassle of a mouse and keyboard.


  • Ideal for gamers, as desktops can handle the higher temperatures that generally wreak havoc on laptops over a long period of time. However, they must be properly configured and periodically serviced by certified IT experts, like those at Advanced IT Solutions.
  • Suitable for multitasking; this is not the case with laptops, where running multiple processes simultaneously will increase your CPU usage to 100 percent, and cause your machine to run low on memory.
  • It is typically less expensive to repair hardware components on desktops than laptops; laptop parts are proprietary, and typically more expensive and time-consuming to repair.


  • Due to the size and weight of desktops, they aren’t readily moveable. Once you set them up, they are there to stay!
  • They take up a lot of area and need a dedicated space.


Tablets are often seen as a bridge between smartphones and laptops, and they’re deemed ideal if you want to browse the Internet on the move. Are they better than laptops or desktops? Read on to find out.

selection of tabletsPros

  • Tablets are small, light, and portable, so they can be taken anywhere.
  • They offer a similar level of functionality and processing power as a desktop computer.
  • You can use your tablet as a GPS device.
  • A tablet battery typically lasts longer than a laptop battery.


  • Using the keyboard takes some getting used to.
  • Tablets have weaker capabilities than desktops and laptops overall.
  • It is very easy to damage the hardware and screen.
  • The size of the screen is quite small compared to a laptop.
  • Tablets are expensive and if they break, the cost of repair is almost as much as a new unit.
  • There are few ports for accessories, and tablets can’t handle much data.
  • Data recovery is more problematic than with a laptop or PC.


When choosing a new computer, purchase according to the usage it will have. It is an important decision, as you will likely be spending hundreds of dollars. If you love gaming, or need something with a lot of power and RAM, and are prepared to sacrifice portability, a desktop is the best option for you. But, if you want to use the Internet on the move, a tablet may be the better way to go. However, if you want a stronger machine with improved capabilities, a laptop is the number one choice.


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