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Quick Turnaround Laptop Repairs That Are 100% Guaranteed

Whether you’re a casual computer user or need your laptop for business purposes, panic can set in whenever you discover your machine isn’t working properly. If you don’t back-up your data, you could lose precious documents, photos and videos forever!

Fortunately, you can rely on the experts at Advanced IT Solutions to quickly and effectively repair your machine. We’ve fixed countless MacBooks, Netbooks, Notebooks, and Laptops in the Southeast Valley and Metro-Phoenix area. Most repairs are carried out within 24-48 hours, although this time frame can vary with respect to delivery times for proprietary parts on hardware repairs.

No Matter The Make Or Model, We Get The Job Done!

We carry out laptop repairs on a wide variety of brands that include the following:

  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • Fujitsu
  • Gateway
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • All other major computer brands

Since we have most spare parts and dozens of different laptop screens in-house, we can repair your machine quickly and efficiently. In addition to speedy repairs, we also offer a special warranty on all our repairs, so you have complete peace of mind.

What Can We Fix?

It may be quicker to ask what we can’t fix! Below is a sample of the laptop repair services we do offer:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement: As we stock screens in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, it’s possible for your screen to be replaced usually within 48-72 hours.
  • Power Jack Repair: If your laptop battery isn’t charging, or you have power socket issues, get in touch with us today. Our experts can solve your power problems in no time and ensure you get back to enjoying your laptop.
  • Motherboard Repair: If the power light is showing, but the computer isn’t powering up, it’s likely that your machine’s motherboard is in need of urgent repair. Other signs include: an overheating laptop, or distorted lines and graphics on your screen.
  • Liquid Spills: If you have spilled coffee, soda, water, or other liquids on your laptop, you need to act fast to ensure it doesn’t permanently damage your computer.
  • Data Recovery: If your laptop fails, we can retrieve your vital data. Our methods of recovering your data are secure, and our team is capable of recovering information that other companies cannot.
  • Slow Laptops: If your machine is no longer running efficiently, we can get to the heart of the problem. Over time, it’s likely your laptop will slow down, and you may even receive error messages. We can format and service your laptop, and triple, or even quadruple its speed.
  • Virus Removal: Viruses can completely destroy your data and your machine, so it’s crucial for you to act fast. We can rapidly and safely remove these viruses before they make your machine unusable.

Don’t Delay – Contact Us Today!

Our team always respects our customers’ privacy. You can have confidence that your laptop and data are safe and secure with us, and rest assured that we will carry out our work in a professional and courteous manner.

No matter what the issue(s) are, we have the skills and expertise to get to the root of the problem. For successful and affordable laptop repair, contact us anytime at (480) 668-1413, or visit our store in Mesa, Arizona.

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