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Server Support and Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services, which was once only feasible for large multinational corporations to outsource, has now become an affordable option for small and medium-sized enterprises as well.

The benefits of partnering with IT experts are numerous. You remain in control of your data and your business needs, while getting support to manage your infrastructure and digital operating environment.

It’s far less stressful for business operators to pass the technical responsibilities on to a qualified third party.

Check out the list below to learn how our team can minimize your IT headaches, thereby allowing you to focus your energy on making the most of your business opportunities.

Why should your business use Managed IT Services?

There are so many benefits to using Managed IT Services to support your business.  Some of the most common benefits are:

  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and hardware, without needing to understand how it works or how to maintain it
  • Use of the most up-to-date versions of software without needing to watch for updates, or install them yourself
  • Less downtime for your business, as larger servers are designed to stay operational, and updates can be installed outside of trading hours
  • Manage unforeseen demands on the server with ease, with far less risk of your website crashing and easy recovery
  • Have 24-hour monitoring and proactive responses to potential technical and cybersecurity issues
  • Have access to gold standard cybersecurity protocols and packages that protect your data, so you no longer need to worry what’s the best way to respond to the latest malware attacks
  • You and your employees can focus on making money for the business instead of trying to troubleshoot or get sidelined by IT issues
  • More cost-effective to your bottom line

Types of Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Think of it as an a la carte menu that your business can choose from, based on a very specific set of needs and goals. Our team can meet with you to assess your operation’s specific needs and devise a plan to benefit your business.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure: Storing data on the Cloud may be all the rage these days, however, if you operate in the Cloud, your business archives some or all of its data on servers maintained in an extremely nebulous environment, with no concrete sense of  where it is, or who has access to it.

Managed Support Services: Be supported in a traditional ‘help desk’ style. This is likely to be a routine contract that offers access to staff who are familiar with your IT systems. It reduces the cost of managing an in-house IT team and delivers expert on call support.

Managed Networks and Infrastructure: Networks and accompanying infrastructure can be constructed and managed by IT Support. Your business would lease access to this, rather than establishing and maintaining your own data centers and networks. There’s good opportunity to streamline services here such as data, voice and video. This can also be advantageous for call center-style businesses.

Managed Security: Cybersecurity is managed on your behalf, including safe and timely installation of software, updates and patches. Often 24-hour monitoring is provided which allows for quick responses to urgent issues.


Ongoing user education in the workplace is essential to ensuring that your network is secure. Employees need to understand the criticality of downloading and running unknown software and blindly opening phishing emails.

It should be clear by now that there are many ways to access Managed IT Support. Managed IT services can save a lot of time and money for business operators by streamlining in-house costs. It also gives you the benefit of accessing expert technicians on an as needed basis.  When an expert is taking care of your IT needs it reduces stress and frees up time. This in turn allows you to focus on growing your business. When you engage Advanced IT Solutions to manage your IT environment,  you can be confident that your staff will have smooth uninterrupted interactions with workplace devices. which will help your business to remain competitive, scale-up when needed and adapt to sudden changes.

When you consider how much strategic support can influence the workplace, it becomes obvious that businesses of all sizes should be able to afford expert IT support. It’s a potential boon to any start-up, small and medium-sized business, and beyond.

Let the experts at Advanced IT Solutions help you determine the best solution to fit your business’ technology needs. Whether you’re contemplating backing-up your data by going to the Cloud, or wondering if having your own server is the best way to go, we can assist in your server Maintenance, Setup, and ongoing Managed Services Support.

About Advanced IT Solutions, Your Managed IT Services Partner

Advanced IT Solutions, LLC provides the design, build, installation and maintenance of secure managed IT servers and networks. We deliver reliable tech support and comprehensive cybersecurity programs. Our trusted team of professionals can explain complex issues to you in a language everyone can understand. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Every time I move to a new city, I am always on the lookout for people I can trust with the stuff I can’t do myself, such as an auto mechanic, plumber, etc. After many years, I believe I have finally found someone I can trust with PC maintenance.

Mike at AITS was helpful and informative. He seems to know his stuff, and sat down with me for 20 minutes after he had repaired my laptops to go over them with me and give me some tips and pointers for ongoing care. This is a level of service that is unusual these days. I will be a returning customer.

Mike RichmondMike Richmond, Google Review

Mike was amazing. He took the time to listen to what my issues were. He worked within a budget and delivered more than we asked for. We had a bad hard drive on a mac that was full of years of pictures and he was able to get everything back for us.

I felt very comfortable working with Mike and I’m 100% satisfied with the results. Our 2007 mac has never run better. I would definitely recommend this place.

William B, Yelp Review